Juozas Kaziukėnas

Founder & CEO at StockLevel Inc.

Juozas Kaziukėnas

Founder & CEO at StockLevel Inc.
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Friends calls me Joe. I am an experienced young professional and entrepreneur based in New York City. Started off writing software and have since gravitated towards building technology startups.

I have worked on many different online projects and have built a few successful startups before. Having tried many more failed prototypes, I’m focused on prototyping and shipping products fast. Growth is the most exciting part of the work, so I tend to manage technology and strategy.

I’m passionate about using technology to provide simple answers to complex problems. I have been an advocate of data science and building data-driven processes for a long time.

I have travelled the world talking about technical and business topics. I believe in challenging people to go beyond what they already know. This often results in exciting and unexpected outcomes.

Drop me an email at juozas@juokaz.com.

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From PHP to Machine Code

14:45 - 15:40
Main Room